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How To Be Great? Just Stack Whats Already Working (like Sam Walton)

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Good morning! It's Friday, June 16th - Today, we're revealing the golden framework that 90% of top entrepreneurs, from Walmart's Sam Walton to today's $12 billion sensation, Deel, swear by. If you’re set on skyrocketing in business or career, you can't miss this.

Let’s dig in!


How To Be Great? Just Stack Whats Already Working (like Sam Walton)

The best entrepreneurs I know have never had an original idea.

Instead, they employ something I call "Success Stacking", inspired by the great Sam Walton.

It means collecting the smartest ideas and tricks from everywhere, then mixing them with your own special touch to create a winning formula.

Just like Sam Walton did to build Walmart, you’re putting together all the best bits to make something amazing.

We all have the same hours in a day. To win fast, seek inspiration from what’s already working, and start stacking them.

3 Examples: How Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart, Stole Best Practices

Sam Walton’s genius lay in his ability to identify the best practices of various retailers, adapt these practices to suit his own business model and execute them with relentless efficiency.

  1. Adopting the Discount Model:

    • Inspired by: Ann & Hope, as well as other early discounters like E. J. Korvette.

    • Application: Walton applied the low-cost, high-volume approach in his own stores, making affordable pricing a cornerstone of Walmart's business model.

  2. Improving Distribution:

    • Inspired by: General retail industry practices and possibly Sears, which was known for its distribution efficiency.

    • Application: Walton established a sophisticated logistics and distribution system that enabled Walmart to replenish inventory efficiently and keep costs low.

  3. Targeting Rural Markets:

    • Inspired by: Regional chains that were serving smaller markets successfully.

    • Application: Walton focused Walmart’s expansion on rural areas, where big retailers were not present, and established Walmart as a primary shopping destination in these communities.

The Playbook

The overwhelming majority of businesses are iterations of something that already exists.

At first, it's like copying or looking up to someone for ideas. But as you mix these ideas with your own twists and changes, they blend together to make a special recipe that's just yours and no one else's. Try this:

  1. Explore and Extract: Delve into successful businesses within your industry, extract their winning strategies, customer service, and business models.

  2. Blend and Build: Blend the best practices that align with your goals, and build a unique, tailored approach by blending them with your own ideas.

  3. Implement and Improve: Initiate the implementation of your strategies, starting with a pilot or small-scale launch, and continuously monitor and measure the results to make iterative improvements.

  4. Sustain and Scale: Sustain the successful strategies and discard ineffective ones, while scaling up the refined practices for long-term success.

It’s a principle that we’ve discussed before with Deel, a company that recently his a $12B valuation.


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