This $12M/yr Glamping Business

GM! It's Tuesday, March 7th - Today, we're covering a glamping business set to make $12M in revenue this year and Amazon's wildly profitable $40B advertising business.

- Callum


This Is A $12M/yr Glamping Business

In 2020, Jeff Wilson founded Jupe with the mission of solving the global housing crisis and this year his company is set to do $12 million in revenue.

Wilson is an eccentric guy– He’s an ex-IBM manager, a former professor of environmental science, and he lived in a dumpster for a year.

So, let’s figure out how he pulled off Jupe’s success.

So What’s the Business?

Wilson sells and rents Jupes, tent-like tiny homes with the luxuries of modern living. These tiny homes can be quickly shipped and set up anywhere around the country to offer a premium glamping experience complete with heating, cooling, a comfortable queen-sized mattress, and solar-powered outlets.

Wilson sells these tiny homes for $30k outright. However, property owners with a scenic plot of land who are interested in hosting can get their hands on Jupes for free. Here’s how that works:

  • Jupe takes 30-50% of the rental revenue

  • Jupe rents for $250-$500 a night

  • And the Jupe team will manage the entire rental process: the installation, repairs, bookings, etc.

Jupe reservations are made through platforms like Airbnb and Glamping hub.

How They Win

There are three main reasons why Jupe is such a success:

1. They Picked The Right Trends

When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, the hospitality industry took a massive downturn, but one niche soared into prominence: glamping.

Jupe launched in April 2020 and offered attractive nature vacations for urban residents looking to escape city living. In its first year, Jupe made an impressive $7 million in revenue.

2. They Monetize An Underutilized Asset

Jupe is designed to be completely self-sufficient and operate off the grid. The MVP product is a solar-powered tent structure that pops up in a few hours, anywhere, and the software to find your happy place in nature.

Meaning any landowner with a few extra acres can spin up a Jupe tent without the need for plumbing or any infrastructure.

3. They're A Risk-Free 'Done For You' Solution

Jupes' "just add land" option means that landowners can generate extra revenue from unused land with no additional headaches. Jupe will set up and operate the business and landowners just collect checks at the end of the month.


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Amazon's $40B Advertising Business

A few years ago, Benedict Evans noticed Amazon's ad business growing rapidly. In 2021, Amazon separated the "other" category, and last year the company generated $38bn in ad revenue, surpassing traditional media and the entire global newspaper industry.

You should know:

  • Amazon's advertising business brought in $38bn with likely more than 50% operating margins.

  • At a 50% operating margin, its operating profit could be $20-25bn, comparable to that of AWS, its cloud business.

  • This also suggests that its advertising business generates more than its Prime membership business.

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