Bryan Johnson: The Centimillionaire Obsessed with Reverse Aging

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Good morning! It's Tuesday, August 1st - Today's article breaks down Bryan Johnson’s $400M net worth and how he uses it to fuel his anti-aging pursuits. Let’s get started!


Bryan Johnson: The Centimillionaire Obsessed with Reverse Aging

Bryan Johnson recently attained internet stardom for his $2M a year reverse aging protocol. With his team of 30 doctors and intensive dietary and workout regime, the 45-year-old is attempting to look and feel 18 years old again.

But what’s less discussed is how this youth-chasing millionaire acquired his $400M net worth– so, let’s figure it out.

The Birth Of Braintree— Johnson’s Payment Processing Company

Johnson was always an entrepreneur at heart, but he wasn’t always a successful one. In his early 20s, he was forced to take up a door-to-door credit card sales job after finding himself drowning in debt from his latest startup.

After just 9 months, Johnson became an incredible credit card salesman and his customer base of small businesses generated $62K in revenue a month. But one thought kept bothering him: “If I did this as my own company, I would personally make $62K a month in passive income from these merchants.”

It was from this idea that Braintree was born. To Johnson, the world of online payment processing was broken. eBay had acquired PayPal in 2002 and the platform had essentially become stagnant, leaving software engineers frustrated with a lack of modern payment tools to grow their businesses.

Braintree came as a market solution to online payment processing systems with a mission to create financial software that engineers and entrepreneurs could easily use to build their businesses.

Braintree’s Path to an $800M Valuation

Johnson’s big break came when OpenTable contracted Braintree to fix their largest financial headache: regulatory compliance.

  • For OpenTable to work, they had to store user credit card data for reservations, which meant navigating through a variety of PCI compliance hurdles.

  • Braintree developed software that could process and record credit card information in a way that automatically complied with government and banking regulations.

After the $1.2M contract with OpenTable, Johnson narrowed Braintree’s focus onto addressing the pain points of Silicon Valley’s hottest companies. As a result, Braintree acquired a client base consisting of companies like Uber, TaskRabbit, and Airbnb.

With a base of fantastic companies using their merchant processing services, Johnson’s next step was to wade into the consumer side. In 2012, Braintree acquired the social payment platform Venmo for $26.2M.

At this point, PayPal executives realized that Braintree was their biggest competitor and had the potential to push them out of the market. So, within a year of Jonson’s Venmo acquisition, PayPal purchased Braintree for a stunning $800M!

Johnson’s Reverse Aging Ventures

Throughout his career, Johnson’s discussed his end goal of acquiring enough wealth to tackle a societal-level problem that will have an impact for the next 100 years.

Currently, he has two ventures looking to neutralize biological aging, and if successful, they will certainly have a timeless impact.

OS Fund

In 2014, Johnson created his venture capital fund, OS Fund, with $100M of his personal capital. The OS Fund invests in companies that use artificial intelligence and machine learning in fields like derived therapeutics, diagnostics, genomics, and synthetic biology.

The mission of this venture capital firm is to prove the thesis that biology is programmable and can be altered to increase the quality and longevity of human life.

Project Blueprint

Project Blueprint is Johnson’s latest endeavor that’s rocketed him into social media celebrity status. For $2M a year, Johnson’s team of 30 doctors measure all 70 organs of his body and look to reverse and quantify the biological age of each of them.

As of now, Johnson is Project Blueprint’s sole guinea pig, but he has plans to distribute reverse-aging starter kits that will be a big hit if we are to trust the latest social media buzz.


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